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Australian Human Rights Commission
The Commission is Australia’s National Human Rights Institution. We investigate and conciliate discrimination and human rights complaints. We advocate to government and others for human rights to be considered in laws and policy making, and we also provide advice, review laws, and make submissions to parliamentary inquiries. We undertake inquiries and conduct research into the experience of human rights in Australia as well as promote and raise awareness of human rights in Australia through education and training, events and discussion, media outreach, digital resources and social media communication. |

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Vivid Sydney
Vivid Sydney is an annual celebration of creativity, innovation and technology, which transforms Sydney for 23 days and nights. In 2024, for its 14th year, Vivid Sydney will fuse art, innovation and technology in collaboration with some of the most boundary-pushing artists, musicians, thinkers and culinary experts of our time. Mark the dates 24 May – 15 June 2024 in your calendar and explore the program of Light, Music, Ideas and Food, united by this year’s artistic direction, "Vivid Sydney, Humanity". Vivid Sydney is owned, managed and produced by Destination NSW, the NSW Government's tourism and major events agency. |

Major Partners

Settlement Services International
SSI is a national not-for-profit whose purpose is to help create a more inclusive society in which everyone can meaningfully contribute to social, cultural, civic and economic life. SSI delivers a range of social and human services that connect individuals, families and children from diverse backgrounds with opportunities – from settlement support, to disability programs, community engagement initiatives and training and employment pathways. |

Gilbert + Tobin
Gilbert + Tobin is a leading Australian law firm, advising clients on their most significant corporate transactions, regulatory matters and disputes. We provide commercial and innovative legal solutions for ASX 100 leading companies, major infrastructure and services providers as well as government and public authorities across Australia and around the world. Our firm is also committed to outstanding citizenship. Our pro bono legal service has a proud track record and we champion important causes, such as marriage equality and reconciliation with Australia’s Indigenous peoples. We have the highest proportion of women partners among major Australian law firms. | 

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers is Australia’s leading plaintiff and social justice law firm. We have built a reputation on the unwavering belief that the law should serve everyone, not just those who can afford it. For more than 100 years, Maurice Blackburn has had a proud history that includes the 40-hour workweek, the largest and most significant class action settlement in Australian history for the Black Saturday bushfires, protecting women and children on Manus Island and Nauru, and defending underpaid 7-Eleven employees. With over 1,100 employees across 33 offices in Australia, our staff are empathetic, genuine and tenacious. We leave no stone unturned to win a case. So far, we have helped over 500,000 Australians seek justice.

As Australia’s most diverse broadcaster, the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) holds a unique place in the Australian media landscape, inspiring all Australians to explore, respect and celebrate our diverse world and in doing so, contributes to an inclusive and cohesive society. Today, SBS is a modern, multiplatform media organisation with a free-to-air TV portfolio spanning six distinctive channels in SBS, NITV, SBS VICELAND, SBS Food, SBS World Movies and SBS WorldWatch; an extensive SBS Audio network providing over 60 communities with services in their own language; and an innovative digital offering, including SBS On Demand, available to audiences anytime and anywhere.

Event Partner

People With Disability Australia
People with Disability Australia (PWDA) is a national peak disability rights and advocacy organisation made up of and led by people with disability. Founded in 1981, PWDA represents the interests of people with all kinds of disability. We’re a not-for-profit community-based organisation and our members comprise a diverse range of individuals and organisations from across Australia. Our vision is for a socially just, accessible and inclusive community, in which the human rights, belonging, contribution, potential and diversity of all people with disability are recognised, respected and celebrated with pride. We work both nationally and internationally, and our work is grounded in a human rights framework that recognises the United Nations human rights conventions and related mechanisms as fundamental tools for advancing the rights of people with disability. We deliver our programs, services and activities in partnership with our members and supporters as well as a variety of stakeholders across the government, disability, education and research sectors. |

Anti-Discrimination NSW
We are the New South Wales state government body that administers the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (the Act). We strive to eliminate discrimination in New South Wales by:  answering enquiries; investigating and resolving complaints; raising awareness about discrimination and its impacts; granting exemptions to the Act; and advising the government about discrimination issues. |

We create opportunities for people in our communities to live their healthiest lives. We strive to be a global leader in community health, inclusion and HIV responses for people of diverse sexualities and genders. We are a fiercely proud community organisation. For our entire history, the work of ACON has been designed by and for our communities. Established in 1985, our early years were defined by community coming together to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in NSW, and we remain committed to ending HIV for everyone in our communities. We do this by delivering campaigns and programs to eliminate new HIV transmissions. Supporting people living with HIV to live healthy and connected lives remains core to our work. As we have grown, we have been proud to work with a diverse range of people to ensure their voice and health needs are represented in the work we do. |

Hall & Wilcox
Hall & Wilcox is a leading independent Australian law firm. We are a firm of around 1000+ people delivering outstanding legal services to corporate, public sector and private clients, both Australian-based and those offshore doing business in Australia. Our purpose is to enable our clients, our people and our communities to thrive. Our success depends upon the success of our clients, our people, and the communities in which we live. We’re renowned for our Smarter Law approach. Smarter Law means we look beyond the status quo to think differently and find solutions that are better, faster and cheaper. Smarter Law includes enabling technology, challenging business models, innovative pricing and creative resourcing. |

We work to enable a world of effortless connection, meaningful engagement and positive social change. We create people-centric solutions that are respectful of our environment. At least 20% of our work is “for purpose”. This means we actively seek to partner with charities, not-for-profits and commercial organisations that have a positive impact on our world. Human centred design fuels our approach to rapidly deliver customer insights, engaging prototypes and digital products and services that people love. |

Lateral Event Management
Now in our 27th year of operations, Lateral Event Management is a multi-award winning, independent, creative and diverse full-service event management company operating across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Singapore. Lateral delivers highly creative and impeccably delivered money-can’t-buy premium event experiences for major corporations and aspirational brands. Lateral has specialist expertise across conference management, design, planning and delivery, including exhibitions, road shows, launches, builds, social programs, registration, accommodation, marketing, and event technology. Lateral invented ‘Intellectual Entertainment’; writing, producing and promoting public tours with globally recognised personalities, each a leader in their field. |

Social Deck
The Social Deck is a B-Corp certified consultancy specialising in research, communication, social marketing and engagement. |

Your what's on guide to the best live entertainment & experiences in Australia. |

Community Partners

Human Rights Law Centre
The Human Rights Law Centre uses strategic legal action, policy solutions and advocacy to support people and communities to eliminate inequality and injustice and build a fairer, more compassionate Australia. |

Law Council of Australia
The Law Council of Australia is the peak national representative body of the Australian legal profession. The Law Council of Australia represents the legal profession at the national level; speaks on behalf of its Constituent Bodies on federal, national, and international issues; promotes and defends the rule of law; and promotes the administration of justice, access to justice, and general improvement of the law. The Law Council is a federal organisation representing more than 104,000 Australian lawyers through their bar associations and law societies and Law Firms Australia. |

Australian Human Rights Institute
The Australian Human Rights Institute produces world-leading research and advances debate on critical human rights issues. Our strategic and rigorous research transforms practices to mainstream human rights, with a focus on business, climate, gender and health. |

Gilbert + Tobin School of Public Law
The Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law is committed to the production of highest quality research as the basis from which we engage with government, fellow academics and the wider community on public law issues so as to deepen understanding, inform debate and influence change. The Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law in the Faculty of Law was established in 2001 with the aim of providing a focus within UNSW for research, engagement and education (including teaching, research supervision and professional education) on issues of law and policy in the area of Public Law. |

Australian Council of Human Rights Agencies
The Australian Council of Human Rights Agencies comprises Australia’s state, territory and national human rights and discrimination authorities and plays an important role in monitoring human rights at all levels of Australian government.

Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia
FECCA is the peak national body representing Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. FECCA’s role is to advocate and promote issues on behalf of its constituency to government, business and the broader community. FECCA strives to ensure that the needs and aspirations of Australians from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds are given proper recognition in public policy. |

Equality Australia
Equality Australia is a national organisation dedicated to equality for LGBTIQ+ people. We combine legal, policy and campaigning expertise with thousands of supporters to ensure LGBTIQ+ people are treated with dignity and respect. |

Diversity Council Australia
Diversity Council Australia (DCA) is the independent, not-for-profit body leading diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace in Australia. With over 1,300 member organisations nationally, we provide DCA members with a unique knowledge bank of research, practice and expertise across all diversity dimensions. Our knowledge and resources have been built up over 30 years. Our charitable purpose is to promote and advance inclusion and diversity through the creation of more diverse and inclusive workplaces. |

Australian Council of Social Service
The Australian Council of Social Service is a national advocate supporting people affected by poverty, disadvantage and inequality, and the peak council for community services nationally. Established in 1956, ACOSS aims to reduce poverty and inequality by: leading and supporting initiatives within the community services and welfare sector and acts as an independent non-party political voice; and by drawing on the direct experiences of people affected by poverty and inequality and the expertise of its diverse member base, we develop and promote socially and economically responsible public policy and action by government, community and business. |

Amnesty International
We’re an independent, global movement of people who campaign courageously for human rights. In more than 150 countries worldwide, over 10 million of us stand together for justice, freedom, human dignity and equality. Right now, human rights abuses are happening in our world. But we know that our grassroots movement can change this. We know where the tipping points are and we know the power of mobilising our supporters around the world, because we’ve been doing it for more than 60 years. Imagine what we can achieve standing side by side with people in every corner of the globe.

Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch investigates and reports on abuses happening in all corners of the world. We are roughly 550 plus people of 70-plus nationalities who are country experts, lawyers, journalists, and others who work to protect the most at risk, from vulnerable minorities and civilians in wartime, to refugees and children in need. We direct our advocacy towards governments, armed groups and businesses, pushing them to change or enforce their laws, policies and practices. To ensure our independence, we refuse government funding and carefully review all donations to ensure that they are consistent with our policies, mission, and values. We partner with organizations large and small across the globe to protect embattled activists and to help hold abusers to account and bring justice to victims.

Community Legal Centres Australia
Community Legal Centres Australia is the national representative voice for the community legal sector. We are an independent, non-profit organisation set up to support the community legal sector to provide high-quality free and accessible legal and related services to everyday people, especially people experiencing financial hardship, discrimination and/or some other form of disadvantage, or who are experiencing domestic or family violence. We strive to be leaders in good practice, to advocate for justice and the promotion and protection of human rights, to be responsive to the needs of the community legal sector and to maintain and strengthen the collaborative networks that allow our sector to provide holistic support to communities.

Mahboba's Promise

Mahboba’s Promise is an Australian non-profit organisation committed to aiding underprivileged women and children and other vulnerable groups in Afghanistan, surrounding regions, and Australia. Founded in 2001 by Mahboba Rawi, an Afghan refugee who is now an Australian citizen, the organisation was established based on her firsthand experience of the profound impact of decades of war and civil unrest on her home country. For 22 years, using her deep understanding of the challenges in Afghanistan, Mahboba’s Promise has been able to deliver responsive, adaptable and impactful assistance directly to orphans and widows in the country and surrounding regions. The organisation has successfully implemented various health, education, income and other livelihood programs, including establishing schools, shelters, social enterprise businesses, farms, and maternity facilities throughout the provinces of Afghanistan, while also offering ongoing support to vulnerable families, widows and orphans. And more recently, the organisation has been involved in providing support to newly arrived Afghan refugees, empowering and uplifting them as they integrate into the broader Australian and Afghan community.